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                 Training session to improve concentration

        Part 6 - Hand Biomechanics
                 Sixth episode: analisys and evaluation of the data collected...

        Part 5 - Hand Biomechanics
                 Fifth episode: who and how uses grips for precision shooting in Air Pistol

        Part 4 - Hand Biomechanics
                 Fourth episode: fingers force distribution exerted on the grip....

        Part 3 - Hand Biomechanics
                 Third episode: hand motor control in Air Pistol....

        Part 2 - Hand Biomechanics
                 Continues documentation of Giuseppe "Biagio" Biagini....

        Part 1 - Hand Biomechanics
                 I received from Giuseppe "Biagio" Biagini....

        Involved or Committed
                 The metaphore of the "Chicken and the Pig"...

        Right or Wrong?
                 I was reading something on the web about the "Survival Bias"...

        Plan your Training
                 Let's talk a little about Training Periodization...

        Mental Training
                 An overview of Mental Preparation and Dr. Gramaccioni's suggestions

        Self Talk of the Shooter
                 Self Talk explained in the "Quaderni di Tiro Sportivo UITS"

        The Power of Thaught
                 Illuminating article by Prof. Heinz Losel on the ISSF magazine regarding the strength of convictions

        Waiting for the 2022 Italian Championships
                 Some suggestions for "Conscious" training in view of an important competition

                 A brief excursus on the parameters of "quantity" and "quality" referring to the Workload

        Stage in Bondeno August 29, 2021
                 Intense training day in Bondeno...

        Scatt use consideration
                 Some interesting considerations on the use of Scatt

        Rapid Fire Pistol
                 51 Rapid Fire Pistol training sessions by Silvano Mignardi

        Competition like Training or Training like Competition?
                 Approach to competition and training: which methodology is most useful?

        Free Pistol
                 28 Free Pistol training modules (also useful for Air Pistol) by Silvano Mignardi

        Factors Affecting Performance
                 A brief analysis of the factors that can influence Performance

        Stage in La Spezia in 2010
                 Free Forum between Coaches in La Spezia on Training Methodology

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