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    key words:

       "Healthy selfishness"
       Five Step Strategy
       Contextual Interference
       Here and now
       Flow state
       Peak Performance
       Pre-competition Routine
       Pre-shot Routine
       States of Consciousness
       "Times Table"
       Work Plan
       Training Unit
       Quiet Eye
       Decision Training
       Old Way - New Way
       Shooting Games


   How to go on the firing line to train and not just to see if "you can do 10".
   Using the MAP (Multi Action Plan) methodology, the integration between mind and body is pursued.
   Detailed description of training during 4 training camps of the national team.
   Programming for the preparation of an Athlete for a period of 21 weeks with practical examples of specific methods and exercises, also supported by the use of the Scatt.
   37 Week Work Plan and Schedule for a good club level shooter.
   Rapid Fire Pistol: theory and examples of training.
   Tips for "unconventional" training where by unconventional we mean the use of methodologies useful for general improvement: Quiet Eye, Decision Training.
   How to handle errors (... provided they are identified as such): Old Way New Way.
   Competition management: from the pre-competition routine to when you enter on the firing line, up to the pre-shot or pre-series tactic and routine.
   Exercises and tips to improve the "fundamentals" of shooting: from position to grip, from aiming to shooting.
   Physical preparation with tests for eventual progress.
   Shooting games, to make training less monotonous and to stimulate some competitive spirit.






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